Lori Frank is a local independent fine artist that specializes in acrylics for uplifting, colourful and unique pieces. Lori's works have been shown at City Hall, the Jubilee Auditorium and the Muttart Conservatory.

Passing Through, Walterdale Bridge,

Edmonton's river valley

18"x 24" Acrylics on Canvas

I've wanted to paint the new Walterdale Bridge for quite some time.  I finally got a chance to do it and just finished it!  The original was painted for a client that is moving to Calgary soon and they will have an amazing keepsake of Edmonton with them there!  I am now accepting pre-orders for reproductions of this painting and will also offer it by special request in a square cropped format to go with many of my other paintings of our valley.  It's perfect for those on your list that love Edmonton, this bridge and our valley!  I'm just in process of getting a proof of this done from my art supplier and once I check it and give the go ahead I will have smaller paper prints available, probably in 2-3 weeks time at the latest (or by the end of October).

Passing Through, Walterdale Bridge

Passing Through, Walterdale Bridge

Beside the Still Waters,  Moraine Lake,  Alberta

Beside the Still Waters, Moraine Lake, Alberta


Beside the Still Waters

12"x 16" Acrylics on Birch Panel

Moraine Lake, Alberta

At the end of July during Phase 3 of the Covid 19, I was finally able to go on a business road trip to re-spark my creativity and to take reference photos of what I would like to paint in our beautiful country; and this spot and painting has started my new "On the Road Again" painting series.  When I was there it was like being in a holy sanctuary to me, so utterly beautiful and awe inspiring.  People travel from all over the world to visit this Unesco World Heritage Site in Lake Louise and they will again when this passes.  Paper and giclee canvas reproductions are now available for preorder.  All Details below. Stay safe everyone and enjoy the beauty around us...

On the Wings of an Angel, dedicated to Captain Jenn Casey of the Canadian Snowbirds.  For full details about this painting please listen to my short video.

On the Wings of an Angel

On the Wings of an Angel


Rivers Edge, 12"x 12" 

Acrylics on  Birch Panel-  Original now available 


I love the colors of  it Fall.   Around the banks of the river valley in the trails by the John Janzen Centre and close to Fort Edmonton Park there are special secluded lookout views and some of them have a bench placed there for you to sit by the river.  This is one of those special spots.  The original is now available so contact me direct with any questions or you can buy it from my online store as soon as I put it in the gallery.

Giclée canvas reproductions and paper giclée prints available by request

Contact Lori direct to view or place your order in my online store

Riding the Rails

Riding the Rails


I'm excited to announce that my painting Riding the Rails  was chosen to be in the catalogue from Edmonton Made - EEDC

The catalogue published in September 2019.

Riding the Rails

I'm now offering curbside no contact pickup as well as no contact in person viewing of my art again by appointment.  I provide disposable gloves for you if you don't have any. I will set up a pop up display in a private room just off of the main lobby in the high- rise that I live in downtown.  I usually just bring down a large basket of all of the prints for you to choose from unless you specifically request a certain piece.  I am conveniently located in a central location and there is free parking out front of our building.  Just let me know what you are interested in ie. originals, small paper reproductions, greeting cards, larger giclée canvas reproductions etc. and I will customize the private display for you to choose from. 


Curbside no contact pick up - Just drive right up to the front doors of our building.

I'm centrally located at the Valhalla high-rise (11307 - 99 Avenue, buzzer 125), so you can prepay and purchase on my site, confirm a time you'll be by, text or call me when you arrive (780-991-0717); then I will place your package in your trunk or outside by our glass front doors and wait on the other side until your vehicle pulls up and you get your order safely.  You can also text or call me with your order or any questions and you can etransfer the money or I can do up an electronic invoice for you to pay by credit card if you don't buy from my online store.  


I've now added my greeting cards to my online store and sending a card is a great way to stay in touch and to write a personal note to your loved ones during this time especially.  I also have most of my 12"x 12" prints in stock and also have placed some of my originals for sale.  gift certificates are also available.


Also if you would like to have a conversation and have a video chat with me I'm sure that we can set that up during this time.


I have just updated my online store to include more sizes and my local supplier is open and I can accommodate all orders.  If you'd like the products shipped to you great, and you can also choose to come by to pick up your order and save on those costs...at check out just select Pick Up instead of standard delivery.

You can also look in my online store prior to coming by.  I offer this year round for my clients.   A smaller selection of my art is also available at Tix on the Square and the Royal Alberta Museum.

I painted and donated this acrylic on tote bag painting (On My Way 2), Leduc County, for a fundraiser for the Premium Outlet Collection for the United Way to benefit those that live in poverty. Thank you everyone for voting for my tote...It Won!     All proceeds raised went to the United Way!

Fall trail painting of Edmonton's river valley by local atist Lori Frank

I now have 59 Edmonton river valley paintings to choose from.

Valley Girl Greeting Cards 

All seasons available

I have now added my greeting cards to my online store.


The cards are blank inside and have the name of the painting and location on the back of each card.  I can also add your company logo or a personalized message inside with your special order.  

Local greeting cards by Edmonton, Canadian artist Lori Frank
Oh Amazing Skies, paintin of canola field by Canadian artist Lori Frank

Oh Amazing Skies, 24"x30" Oils on Birch wood - Original and reproductions  available:

I enjoy making my clients dreams a reality and  love doing commissions of any subject matter that I specialize in.  Here are a few of them and you can also look on my ONLINE STORE for more examples.

Camp Warwa painting of Lac Ste Anne with people canoeing with a sunset, by Lori Frankg

Paddling Home, Camp Warwa 


Acrylics on Canvas


This original was painted for Camp Warwa, Lac Ste Anne.  It features the vibrant sunsets there and them canoeing.  This was a commission done for this great organization and they are selling reproductions of it.  It is now available in my online store.


This custom mosaic pillar that I designed, created and installed transformed the pillar that used to be there. This project was done in my studio and then installed onsite. 


Lori Frank is an independent Edmonton, Alberta, Canadian artist with over 30 years of painting experience.  In 2013 she fulfilled her lifelong dream of pursuing her art full time and jumped out of the corporate world with both feet.  Lori specializes in acrylics and oils for uplifting, colourful and unique pieces.  Lori's works have been showcased at Edmonton City Hall, the  Muttart Conservatory and the Jubilee Auditorium.  She has focused on painting Edmonton's river valley for the last 8 years and is now also creating her Canadiana series.  In September 2018, her night cityscape painting Reflections of Light was chosen by jury to be featured by EEDC in the second publication of Gifted featuring handmade items from Edmonton Made.  And her painting of the rail car going across the Highlevel bridge (Riding the Rails) was chosen to be in the Gifted catalogue in September 2019.
Lori describes her painting style as impressionist realist. Frank is a fine artist that has been primarily using acrylics to develop her Edmonton river valley series.  She also loves painting with oils and will developing a new series in them in 2020.  She started painting many years ago using watercolours, but ultimately found that acrylics were more flexible for her unique style of painting. Pastels, drawing with charcoal and pencils are other mediums she plans to create with again.  Frank is an avid photographer since also taking it in school and likes to photograph what she'll create for reference material when she is working on a specific subject of importance or particular subject matter.
She discovered her unique style of painting organically when she was a teenager taking art classes. Her work has also been described as "dancing, dancing with light. Your eye sort of flicks across from highlight to highlight. It's a joy", Ward 4 City councillor and artist Aaron Paquette.
"It's really important for individuals, for cultures, for neighbours, for cities to see themselves reflected in culture and art and that's what (Frank's art) does, it helps us develop even deeper our sense of identity, our sense of belonging and also it feels good to know someone recognizes and sees the same beauty in your surroundings that you do, and maybe sometimes, they uncover something new," Frank says. (excerpt from article in Edmonton Prime Times, Dec 2, 2019)
For 8 years her muse and creative subject has been the Edmonton river valley - North America's largest urban parkland.  She conceived and developed her Stairway to Heaven, Trailblazing and Connector series during this time; and continues to focus on creating new works of these series.
It is her intention with her ongoing series to inspire Edmontonians and tourists to also physically travel firsthand into our valley; to discover and enjoy it, and to develop a deeper connection with it.  Lori is inspired every day by the energy, comfort and serenity that our river valley gives her. Each new painting involves an adventure into the valley to discover the location to capture and then to create it in painting form. She has spent thousands of hours in Edmonton's beautiful river valley photographing some of the better known and unique hiking trails, stairways and bridges, giving them new life with her painting technique. Lori has now painted over 59 paintings of the Edmonton river valley, and Lori feels like she is just getting started! She is further developing her series by painting urban trails above the valley, festivals, activities to do and parks in our valley. Frank feels grateful to paint our valley and considers her paintings a historical representation of our time with the valley. 
In winter 2014 she was interviewed and her art was featured in a segment by Dez Melenka, called "On Your Street", on Ctv Edmonton; as well as appearing on City Tv, Global Tv and featured in the Edmonton Journal and on Capital FM.
Her exhibits in 2014 included unveiling her river valley series at city hall for a featured solo show for The Works Art and Design Festival.  She was chosen by jury for a group exhibit by the River Valley Alliance and Visual Arts Alberta "Marking the Valley" held at the Northern and Southern AB Jubilee Auditoriums.  In December she also had a solo exhibit featuring her Stairway to Heaven series at  the Milner Gallery.
Her pop up gallery was at the outdoor city market from 2014 - 2018.
In January 2015 she was invited by the City of Edmonton to display her river valley art series at the Wintercities conference at the Shaw conference centre.  Lori was on City Tv in March to promote an upcoming show with the Night of Artists at the Enjoy Centre.  In July she was at the Artwalk for her second time and participated in an art show during the Taste of Edmonton outside of the Winspear.  In August 2015 Lori was chosen by the Daffodil Gallery for a carry-over exhibit from her display at the Artwalk.   
In April 2016 a feature produced by Madelaine Skinner of Nait's Broadcasting School (on the CTV2 channel)  featured Lori in it and was about the importance of managing your Art business in today's economy.  July 2016, "Where Edmonton" magazine listed Lori's Edmonton river valley art as one of the top selections of art to "take a piece of the city home with you", in their Made in Edmonton article by Lindsay Shapka.  In September the "Riverdalian" newspaper featured Lori's painting of the Cloverdale Footbridge in it.  On November 30,  2016 the Edmonton Journal featured Lori's art and greeting cards in their holiday gift guide.  April - May 5/17 Lori had a solo art show "Valley Girl" at the Muttart Conservatory. On July 5th Lori was interviewed by Bridget Ryan by request of The organizer of the Artwalk to help promote the upcoming event.  Until May 23rd, 2018 Lori participated in the VOTE FOR YOUR TOTE fundraiser for the United Way in support of those living in poverty. Thank you for voting for my tote and for going to see it at the Premium Outlet Collection at our Edmonton International Airport....it won!  In December 2, 2019 Edmonton Prime Times did a full page feature on Lori. And you can read the artist spotlight in Where magazine that just published in January 2020. 
Lori's gratitude and dream continues...
Lori's art is collected in Canada and the United States and she welcomes commissions of any suited subject matter.
She is inspired by nature, travel, and always looking for beauty and inspiration in everyday life. It is Lori's life's goal to bring happiness and joy into the world, through her art.
Her work is available directly through her or her website, Tix on the Square and The Royal Alberta Museum.

© 2012 by Lori Frank