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Upcoming/Current Shows

You are welcome to book a socially distanced visit to view my art or you can purchase my art online or visit or view my art by a video chat with me.  If you would like to do that let's set something up. I'm also always available by my cellphone number below and my email address too.  

 I'm in the Valhalla high rise located downtown on 113 Street and 99 Avenue; and meet clients in our private room off of our lobby.  There is free visitor parking in our lot out front on the East and West sides.



Thank you for supporting local art. 


memory roth photo of my booth at the art
Lori Frank is a full time artist from Edmonton, Alberta; Canadian artist that began painting over 30 years ago.  Her collectors encompass Canada and the United States.

Lori being interviewed by City TV, July 2017.



Lori and Joshua in Café Le Tambourin, 2012.  28.5" x 36" oils.  Inspired by Van Gogh's painting Woman in Café Le Tambourin, 1887. (see below)

This painting was almost 10 years in the making.  I started it in 2003, a few years before Joshua passed away.  I put it away after he passed and have always wanted to complete it some day.  Well that day came in December 2012.

Years ago I finished everything on the canvas except my face and hands. 

I have also included Van Gogh's painting below for you to compare them.  Notice mine has a wine glass and I have taken out the ashtray and cigarette. 

I hope it cracks you up with a smile, like it does for me! 

Woman in Café Le Tambourin, 1887

by Vincent Van Gogh

I grew up in a very musical and creatively gifted family in Edmonton, Alberta.  My parents supported all of my early explorations with no judgements.  Whe​n I was a teenager in high school I took an extensive Commercial Art program.  Every day for two years I was blessed to have my art class all afternoon to look forward to!  One day when I was creating a poster for an upcoming event at the school I decided to add "dots" to the silhouette image to give it a softer more defined look.  This led me to next doing my first "lotsa dotsa"  (as I originally called it, with a laugh) painting style that my art teacher asked if he could keep the painting and I happily obliged.  Mr. Lucas was a fabulous art  teacher and knew who I painted like, but had the wisdom not to tell me.  Years later at a private art show of my paintings an art broker attended named Brent Luebke and he kindly told me that I painted like neo-impressionism artists of long ago.  He then gave me art books to view at a later date. This started my journey to discover and take Art History at the University of Alberta to learn more about Georges Seurat, Edward Manet, Camille Pissaro amongst more contemporary  artists that I fell in love with.

In my continued quest to learn I travelled to New York six times; I also back packed through Western Europe  and hit every museum and church I found along the way, while savoring all of the architecture and various cultures (and food).  It was a magical six weeks and my love of Gaudi, Michelangelo amongst so many others like Degas has taken my internal life to the moon with my creative mind.

As an artist I was always torn between pursuing my art full time or earning a living in a traditional way.  The consistency of an income won; and I pursued traditional employment  with set goals to pursue my art full time.   In each career that I chose, there was a strong creative element to it which helped me to excel and succeed in the corporate world; while keeping engaged in my art along the way. 


Now that I have met that goal and am pursuing my art full time; it is my intention to focus my time on my artwork and to develop it more in the next few decades to "see" where it will take me and those that are with me on this journey.  I feel like I'm just getting started, so let's go! I am on my fourth year living this dream full time.


I have a passionate love for nature, specifically our river valley, the ocean, flowers and all living things.  My art is intentionally created to uplift the observer or to evoke strong emotions of peace, joy, strength and serenity.


​Over  the years I have made several art donations to charities that have raised thousands of dollars, including my art fundraiser for the Red Cross - Alberta Flood Fund.    Previous donations have included the following organizations:  The Autism Society of Edmonton, SPCA Noah's Ark silent auctions, The Food Bank, Edmonton Symphony Orchestra - Effort Auction, Black and White Aids Fundraiser and Kids Cottage.

Whether you require a quality original or fine art print for your personal enjoyment, your corporate collection, or for a hotel or restaurant; call or email me directly.

Thank you for stopping by and please write me a note.  I consider your enquiry like signing my "guestbook" and welcome your comments.   I hope that you enjoyed your visit and thank you for your time!


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you have imagined. 
Henry David Thoreau

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