Stairway to Heaven Series, Trailblazing Series and Connector Series

Gallery of Edmonton's river valley

​​I focused full time on "Stairway to Heaven" and  my "Trailblazing" series of Edmonton's river valley from January 2013 to the end of May 2014 for my exhibit at The Works Art and Design Festival.    They are series of various stairs, trails and seasons leading to, or in our beautiful valley.  Both series were unveiled and a featured exhibit titled River Valley Coordinates on June 19 - July 1, 2014 at city hall for the festival.  Originals, giclee canvas reproductions and smaller reproductions on paper are for sale, enquire within or go to my online store (see above and below).  If you would like a private showing, contact me and come for a visit. Or check out my shows tab above and follow me on social media to see my latest projects and which market or festival I will be at.
I am continuing these series and have started another series of bridges - my Connector series of Edmonton.  My first bridge painting was of the fireworks that took place on Canada Day over the newly lit 109 Street Bridge.  The painting is called Celebration!  I also recently completed my fourth painting of my Connector Series; it is a footbridge in Capilano.  I'm also continuing my series with activities we can do outside to enjoy our river valley and the beauty of nature. 
Do you have a favourite trail, stairway or bridge of our beautiful river valley that you'd like me to paint?  Or, do you have an idea for a great location?  I'm open to painting anything that you think would be a fit and I'd like to hear from you.  I have now painted 55 paintings of Edmonton's beautiful river valley and look forward to continuing to capture it one painting at a time.  Below my gallery you will find my artist statement about these series.


The Latest additions to my Edmonton series:


Walk With Me, Leg Grounds - $895

Overlooking Edmonton's river valley

Acrylics on Canvas 16"x16" Original now available

This iconic walking path behind the Alberta Legislative building is timeless and breataking.

12"x 12" reproductions on paper are in process and 16"x16" giclée canvas reproductions are available upon request.


Illumination, Flying Canoe Volant Festival - $1400

Millcreek Ravine, Edmonton

20"x20" Acrylics on Canvas original now available

What an incredibly magical annual festival that takes place in our valley every year!  I finally got a chance to go and take it in and couldn't wait to paint it!  The original is now available, as well as reproductions on canvas in various sizes and 12"x12" reproductions on paper are now available.


Cherry Blossom Way, Victoria Promenade, 16"x 20" Acrylics on Canvas - $1100

Edmonton's river valley

This original is now available.  It is symbolic of my new journey of renewal and I hope the Spring colours bring you hope and a sense of a new beginning too.    

12"x 16" reproductions on paper are in process.  


Renewal Time, 16"x 20" Acrylics on Canvas - $1100

Edmonton's river vallley

This original is now available.  It is symbolic of my new journey of renewal and I hope the Spring colours bring you hope and a sense of a new beginning too.    

12"x 16" reproductions on paper now available.  

Stairway to Heaven Series, Trailblazing Series and Connector Series

Gallery of Edmonton's river valley

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Artist statement about Lori's Stairway to Heaven, Trailblazing and Connector painting series of Edmonton river valley

Where do I go in Edmonton to connect with nature? We don't have a Central Park here; we have our river valley and its way larger than New York's famous park that is highly regarded in that great city.  Our river valley is the largest in North America; and I live by it and call it my backyard.  I am inspired everyday by the energy, comfort and serenity it gives me.  I live in the heart of the city and look outside and feel like I'm away from it all, on a holiday with this beautiful breathtaking view.  All of my walks, bike rides and drives around my neighborhood and around our picturesque city; have always held me captive to a yearning to be close, in, or to explore my true love here more, our valley.  Over the years I have taken hundreds of photos and continue to, of my backyard;  in preparation of my goal to paint it someday, and that day finally came the beginning of 2013.
Phase 1 of my ongoing acrylic on canvas painting series "Stairway to Heaven" of Edmonton's river valley was started in January 2013.  My objective of this series is to create awareness - 1). Of the river valley's natural beauty that surrounds us. 2). for us to revere,and preserve our river valley for future generations to enjoy. 3). for people to actively enjoy and discover our valley.  This is also my way of sharing and continuing to discover and capture in painting form;  various staircases and seasons leading to our river valley.  As the series continued, Phase 2 involved me starting an additional series that focuses on trails entitled "Trailblazing", until the end of May 2014.  My River Valley Coordinates exhibit at city hall for the Works Art & Design Festival in June 2014, unveiled all 25 of these paintings.  Phase 3 - My goal is to continue these series and I have also started another series of "bridges" in our valley.  My first painting for this newest series  features our newly lit 109th street bridge.  The painting is called Celebration! and captures the fireworks that took place on Canada Day 2014.
While painting these series and the subjects on each particular piece I am challenged as an artist as it is my intention to really capture the subject matter and composition in its entirety accurately; while maintaining my impressionistic style.  It means alot to me to represent my hometown.  I consider these series of paintings a historical representation of our time here with the valley.  Every painting is an exciting adventure to find, photograph and then paint.  My overall objective of these series is to retain the familiarity and sense of recognition with each painting for the viewer to say "I know where that is!", "where is that?" or "that's my favourite staircase"!
On my website I provide the coordinates of most of the paintings of my Edmonton river valley series, for viewers to be able to go to the exact spot that inspired me to do each painting.  It is my intention with my ongoing series to inspire Edmontonians and tourists to also physically travel firsthand; to discover and enjoy our river valley and develop a deeper connection with North America's largest urban parkland.  Let's discover new trails together!


Inspired by nature, travel, and always looking for beauty and inspiration in everyday life.

© 2012 by Lori Frank