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Many years ago I went to Southern Alaska several times and on one of my trips to Juneau I took a short flight to the village (island) of Gustavus.  It was magical in the woods and walking through this rain forest on a guided tour was one of many highlights.  This painting was done in watercolours and I did a limited edition of it of 250.  About half of the copies are sold and I thought I should add it on my site now as well since many are buying online and I have no scheduled upcoming shows.  The size of it is 11.5" x 23" and it will need to be put in a floating frame or get it custom framed like my sample or any way that you prefer.  I will sell one of my prints that is in a wooden custom frame with a beautiful matt as well now, so if you're interested in that touch base with me, I currently have it with my framer to put a new paper backer on it as that was torn, otherwise it is amazing.  I am now releasing it out of my private collection to a new home.  I will add that to the options.

A Fallen Tree, Gustavus, Alaska

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